This site is various tools, mainly created by me.

Automatic decal placment

You can find a written tutorial on how to use these tools here: /viewtopic.php?f=11&t=34748.

Download link to the decal placement program [version 1.0]:

Link to basic
The basic version of the automatic decal-placement contains the most basic and needed features. You can set the size of the terrain, so your whole terrain gets covered. You can set the size of the decal (ingame) and choose if you want no or random rotation for all the decals. You also get to choose the spacing distance between each decal as well as the folderpath to your decal.

Link to advanced
The advanced version got more features. You can manually choose the start point for the X and Y axis as well as you set an end point for the X and Y axis. The advanced version supports up to 5 different decals to be set. You do this by selecting "Numbers of different decals" and then fill out as many folder-paths in input-fields as you chose.

Tool for printing out the timing gates 0 - desired gate

Link to the timing gate tool
This tool helps you get through the part without typing in "0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8" etc for the normallap and the firstlap.

Tool for reversing the order of the starting gates

Link to the reverse start gates tool
This tool will get you through the trouble of manually changing the order of the starting gates in order to get the 1st startinggate to the other side of the start.

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